Musically unpredictable improvisation in the darkness, which is a process taking place here and now, created through inspiration and overflowing emotions, magic and uniqueness. Let's focus on the sense of hearing and experience extraordinary Darkness Impression Concert.


Mystical, signature concerts in complete darkness by ARTur Moon evoke specially arranged hypnotizing piano sounds to make the audience truly immersed in the music.

In these uniquely arranged experiences, participants feel and respond to every chord and the energy enclosed in sound allowing them to travel to other planes and dimensions.

Close your eyes, immerse yourself into the darkness and transform the spectrum of your own emotions inside the music of ARTur Moon  

The concert's program is author's music. Often these are completely new compositions that arise at the time of this unconventional venture. One concert is an uninterrupted song, the beginning, development and ending of which we can experience with chills of our own emotions.

While listening to the music being created acoustic and live, the range of sounds through which the artist leads the audience is very wide; from soothing sounds full of peace, harmony and relaxation through the moments full of emotions that transform the emotions of listeners.

This performance may also include other known classical works, improvisations of classical and jazz songs, but nothing is foreseen because the direction in which the concert goes is always individual and different, depending on the emotions when creating the concert.


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